Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ushuaia - The End of The World (no, really)

I will confess now that we have not uploaded any pictures to post. The main reason I have been on the computer long enough to meander over to our blog is because Jesse was supposed to be retrieving an email address from our room...but I think he got lost or attacked by a penguin. You never know in Patagonia, amirite?

Anyways, we are here and long story short, Ushuaia, which is the Southernmost city in the entire world,  is the shit.

Yesterday we went sea kayaking in the Beagle Channel. We came home with sore shoulders and crusted with sea salt.

Today we wandered around Parque Nacional  Tierra del Fuego (National Park: The Land of Fire). And by wander, I mean we hiked for, oh, 6 hours. Needless to say, our feet are screaming at us. The landcape is absolutely gorgeous and dramatic. Mountains, glaciers and glacial lakes, rivers, and the sea. We are surrounded by imposing mountains topped with snow or dotted with glaciers.

Tomorrow we will embark on an off-road tour around Lake Fagnano complete with an afternoon asado (and if you have been following this blog, you should know what an asado is by now). We have heard great things about this tour, so we are excited.

Finally, on Tuesday, we will take a tour to an island in the Beagle Channel to visit and walk among a Magellenic penguin colony. I know, what you are thinking, and the answer is, yes, we have weighed the pros and cons of smuggling a penguin home for Tucker to play with. Turns out it would be a really big hassle - not to mention an international crime or something.

We are not sure when we will update next or when we will upload pictures, but it will probably be sometime later this week when we arrive in El Calafate.

Nos Vemos!


  1. And for those who might be interested, my paddle partner, Christian from Germany (who has been riding his motorcycle from Calgary starting Oct. 5 and has ridden all the way here) sent me the GPS coordinates and info from his GPS unit he has and it maps our route around Isla Gable and the Canal Beagle. Here it is:

    By the way, he is doing the trip partly on a drawing his daughter gave him that included a quote, "Don´t dream your life. Live your dreams." Some words worth repeating...

  2. Love your descriptive updates and concise observations... as we vicariously travel with you. Continue to enjoy. Love, dad