Saturday, January 28, 2012

No hay mal, que por bien no venga...

It´s a popular expression that basically means, there is no bad that doesn´t have good at the end.

This is me (Lindsay) leg post bike ride accident. In Bariloche (on our map), we had planned to ride the very popular Circuito Chico, a half day bike ride around the lake area. We got, oh, 20 minutes into our ride before I was victimized by the off-road, downhill and rocky road we were on. I don´t know what happened, but I fell - hard. Luckily, a car pulled up right behind me and the woman spoke fluent English because I was in no condition to speak Spanish. Jesse came to my rescue soon after and saw the giant gash in my knee (I had noticed it too). We went to the hospital and I got stitched up (after cleaning all the rocks out...eeew) and sent away with a heavy prescription of antibiotics to prevent infection.
Now, on the 2nd day of recovery, the pain has really set in. Walking is a challenge, and the swelling in the general knee area has really limited my mobility. Therefore, we've changed our plans slightly.

Currently, we are in Mendoza. Mendoza is wine country and the thing to do here is ride a bike from winery to winery, tasting and tasting. You see my dilemma? My stitches come out in 7 days, and until then (possibly later depending on the internal healing of my knee), I'm not even thinking about a bike.
So with not much to do here in Mendoza, we decided to cut our stay here short and head over to Ritoque (just north of Viña del Mar) in Chile a little early. 
This tacks on a few extra days on the end of our trip. So instead of heading back to BA from Salta or Cordoba, we will head to Tucuman (south of Salta - not on the map) for a day or two...and then south to Mendoza to get drunk and ride bikes...on a paved road! Paved roads are much safer. So our return to BA will be from Mendoza, where I will conquer the bike.

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  1. Flexibility. Name of the game. (It's all good.) But your knee looks (and sounds) really painful. So sorry it happened but it sounds like you are both handling this well. Continue to enjoy.