Thursday, January 5, 2012

Here We Go Again on Our Own!

Here you are. A (mostly) complete map of our backpacking trip through Argentina and our detour through Chile. We will make some stops in between the major ones - but everything you see here in red is where we will hit between January 6th and the end of February. On average, we will stay in each location for a few days, some more than others. We'll be flying into Ushuaia, and then riding on a charter bus for the rest of the circuit.

We will update our blog the best we can, but we won't be bringing computers, so blogging and emailing will depend on the availability of computers at hostels and internet cafes. And also, we may just be having such great fucking time that we might not have time in between cool shit to check facebook and update the blog. On Facebook, we will try to update our current cities, so you can also track us that way.

It's completely surreal that this journey is finally here. We have been planning, working for, and saving money for this trip for over a year now. The hardest part of our 10 month adventure is behind us: the day-to-day living and working part. The fun part is here! Everything we need for the next 2 months is in our backpacks and all we're going to have to worry about is having a kick-ass time. 

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  1. Awesome plan. I'm supper jealous! good luck on route 40. enjoy the journey and stay safe!

    Adios Boludos!