Sunday, October 16, 2011

You Might Be A Porteño If... indulge in the Argentine Make-Out.

Is there anything in this world that is a more simple outward sign of affection that a kiss?  A kiss can heal a bruised knee of a crying child; it can tell someone you’re sorry after a fight; and it can just let somebody know that you’re there, you love them, and you always will.  It’s beautiful and tender, evoking so much love and passion that with its simple act, it can arouse overwhelming emotion.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and answer this: Is there anything like the rush of your first kiss?  Those adolescent years are fleeting, exciting, frustrating, and full of doubt, wonder, highs, lows, experimentation, and a lot of learning.  But that first kiss is something none us are soon to forget.  It starts with awkward trading looks and shy smiles.  Do they want me to?  Should I make the move?  I’m gonna do it.  NO, I might get rejected and look a fool.  No, they want me to… JUST DO IT DAMN IT!!  And as you close in for contact, you’re rushed with emotion.  Your vision is blurry, your chest heaves, your blood rushes, your eyes close… and?  Elation!  Fireworks in your stomach explode, trumpets sing from the ramparts, choirs of angels rejoice in your triumph.  A simple act bringing overwhelming emotion.

Finally, is there anything more special and even appreciated than to see this act expressed?  We cry tears of joy in movies when the distanced lovers overcome all obstacles to be together, locking lips with a passionate kiss as rain falls, drenching them in love, to conclude the movie (who else loves the Notebook?).  We rain cheers upon two newly joined souls as they embrace each other for their first matrimonial kiss.  We smile upon the old couple with a storied reverence as they do something they’ve done a thousand times before, share a kiss as the celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.  And we laugh at the innocence of the awkward teen (above) move in for their initial attempt at some tonsil hockey, shaking our heads knowingly as we say, “I remember the days…”.

But there is nothing, I mean NOTHING, more graceful, beautiful, affectionate or gentle than an old-fashioned, as we’ve dubbed it, the “Argentine Make-Out”.  No, there is no park too small, subway too crowded, or street too dirty for this ancient Argentine PDA practice.  Over the months, we have gone from bewildered awe to a bit weirded out to complete acceptance and nonchalant attitude towards this somewhat obscene gesture of love.  While we haven’t necessarily participated in it, simply enjoying it vicariously through the portenos we see doing it.  There doesn’t seem to be any shame in it by its participants nor any displeasure expressed by the passers-by as well.  It is just a part of daily life, a routine occurrence that we have come to expect when we are outside the apartment.

So when you come to Buenos Aires, be prepared.  Gals grab your lipstick, guys lick your chops, and everybody get ready for a good ‘ol Argentina Make Out!!

Some examples:

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  1. By the way, the Argentina Make-Out is not a pleasant sight. It is sloppy, a bit obnoxious, and frankly, a bit disgusting. Especially when there is lip-sucking...

    And to make it clear, we do not condone or are fans of the Argentine Make-Out, but you are certainly welcome to do it yourself if it so moves you...