Saturday, September 17, 2011

A day in the park

We're not really sure who this is, but it greeted us at Bosques de Palermo
Last weekend the weather finally turned, and it's like all the porteños came out of hibernation to soak up some sunshine. People kept telling us that the weather changes from winter to spring in a snap, but we thought it was exaggeration. However, we woke up one day, and it literally went from the high 50's the day before, to the low 70's the next day. And it hasn't changed back yet. It's amazing! We've been smothered by clouds, rain, and winter for so long (almost exactly 12 months, give or take a few days), I think we forgot what spring and summer felt like. So last Saturday, we took the subway up to Plaza Italia and visited Bosques de Palermo and Parque 3 de Febrero. Bosques de Palermo is a huge park complex with grass, trees, man-made ponds, and little trails. It's a really nice area right in the heart of the city. 

A trail in Bosques de Palermo

just celebrating life!

embracing his inner 7 year old and climbing trees
We meandered our way to another park with a big man-made lake. It's called Parque 3 de Febrero. Why they couldn't come up with a more creative name, I don't know. This place reminded us of Greenlake. There was a pavement path around the lake where people were rollerblading, riding bikes, and running. There were grassy areas where people were sitting on blankets, having picnics or just enjoying the sun. There was a flower garden, a Greek-style bridge, little footpaths and small statues and sculptures. It was a beautiful place inside the chaotic city. 
Parque 3 de Febrero

more lake

apparently everyone rollerblades

Puente Griego


you can buy hot water for you mate'

the biggest streetlamp ever
We finished off the day with a choripan (which was one of the best we've ever had) and a hamburguesa made fresh on a flat-top grill from a street vendor - topped with homemade, spicy, delicious chimichurri. 

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