Sunday, July 3, 2011

Keeping our blog updated would be a lot easier if people would stop stealing shit from us

Some of you have noticed that we haven't updated the blog in a couple weeks. This is mostly due to the fact that we haven't had any pictures to post. Our lack of pictures is due to the fact I had my purse stolen from my chair in a restaurant while I was sitting in it. The one time I let my guard down, it cost us my cell phone (damnit) and our brand new camera (insert approx. 10 cuss words). Fortunately, I had some weird moment of subconscious foresight, and removed our passports and bank cards from my purse before we left. We've chosen to focus on the silver lining, which is we still have our passports, bank information, and at least we weren't mugged at knife point. Additionally, Jesse and I somehow still like each other after all of this crap. We're counting this as a win when it comes to external stressors on marriage. It seems as if Buenos Aires has waged a battle of wills with us. Fortunately, Jesse and I are both extremely competitive and a little stubborn, so to the Buenos Aires bad luck fairies, you can suck it.
Luckily, our roomates are awesome and super nice, and have offered up one of their cameras for us to borrow when we please. We also figured out how to upload pictures from our remaining phone, so we should be able to get pictures up here no problem.
We live with another couple, which has turned out to be a nice arrangement. Jack is from England and he's also an English teacher here. Audrey is from France and works at a pub down the road. They are both very easygoing and friendly. We've felt welcome and comfortable since day one.
That being said, here are some pictures of our new place in San Telmo. For those of you looking it up on a map, we are in between Bolivar and Belgrano Ave. Some maps place us in Montserrat, but we live one block away from the famous San Telmo market, so we're keeping that our neighborhood name. We'll post some pictures of the neighborhood later in the week.

Living room - without a couch, but there are some comfy chairs, so it works out just fine. When the weather finally decides to behave, we'll be able to open up those double doors to let in fresh air.

Kitchen - which is a nice size for four people.

Bedroom - plenty of storage space for all our crap. I even cleaned up a little for the picture.


  1. Another survival story. My compliments to both of you for your positive and supportive attitudes. Your apartment looks comfy and I'm glad you like your roommates. Is (did) BA going all out to help American ex-pats celebrate the Fourth?


  2. Keep your head up! Things will turn up, and know that there are people here to support you. And by here I mean halfway across the world.