Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You might be a porteño if...

You might be a porteño if a rainy day is the equivalent of a snow day in Seattle.

It rained really hard last night and the sky was threatening more rain on my way to work this morning. Normally riding the subway is hot, uncomfortable, and your personal space is always being violated because all the people are packed like sardines. A normal person would probably be thinking, "God I hope no one pick-pockets me," but my worries usually are more like, "God I hope no one farts." BUT, not this morning. This morning, Buenos Aires is like a ghost town. Everyone looked out their windows and decided the risk of slipping on the sidewalk or possibly getting wet was just too big of a risk to take.


  1. Just wait til the streets start flooding because their out of date storm water system can't handle all the run off(yes that really happens:)

  2. Boy we would just not work at all up here if rain was an issue.. Haha.