Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's Gettin' Real...

The countdown is officially on!!  Mere hours stand between Lindsay and me and boarding a flight southbound, finally resting in a little place called... Argentina (you have to say that last part Lloyd Christmas style- Dumb and Dumber? c'mon people).  Crazy right?  YEAH!  Tell me something I don't know.

Anyway, as we have been running around buying voltage adapters, making rigorous cuts on which t-shirts to take down, and cramming my brain with pertinent spanish phrases, I noticed I have been naturally focusing on what is ahead in our lives.  All the focus on the future did not allow me to think as much about the here and now until things started getting real.  How I knew this adventure is getting real:

- my Mariner attendance record will remain a paltry 0-2 for the 2011 season
- driving an automobile for the last time and to all places in the world, Radio Shack. Lame
- hugging our dog, Tucker, one more time as he shacks up with our good friend Nick for a year of spoiled life (love you Nick, thank you!)
- taking one last bite of delicious wild King salmon at Ivar's for Lindsay's grandma Fran's b-day (good-bye salmon, hello STEAK!)
- paying my last bill- suck it Macy's, Best Buy, rent, car insurance, etc...
- watching the toilet flush clockwise (I may get to see that once more before we go though...)
- sweating my ass off one more time at Crossfit Advantage and knowing from now on, Lindsay and I may be writing our own WODs using rocks as weights- getting primal with it!
- taking one last drink of Bud Light
- leaving my valet buddies to park all those cars without me (actually, I'm cool with that)
- saying good-bye to my brother and my parents (that one hit home hardest)

All our worldly possessions for Argentina to the left.  We trimmed down quite a bit of crap, but ready to rock.  We should have enough room in our suitcases for someone to stow away... Think about it.

As I stated before, this is wild!  We are excited, pumped, and ready.  We are going to enjoy one last night in the U.S. with Lindsay's family before we shove off to the vast unknown.  More to come from folks, so stay tuned...

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  1. I am picking up Tucker from Nick tomorrow at Lunch. I'll bet Mika is going to love it... No Really...